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Ostara Symbols and Colors



  Ostara, the start of Spring and something new.

  Egg – robins and and other spring birds are nesting and laying their eggs. The great symbol of fertility.

 Lamb – it is the time of lambing.

 Rabbit – another of the animal kingdom frolicking to bring forth their young.

 Robin – we all know that this is a sure sign of Spring when we see a robin hunting for worms after the long winter.

 Seeds – the time for planting our seeds to bring forth the flora and fauna.

 Flower – the colourful flowers have already started to bloom.

 Sun – the Sun awakens the ground and encourages the seeds to bloom and the animals to frolic and play.

 Symbols of Beginnings -  What symbol represents new life, new projects...the start of something new? If there is a symbol that represents any of these or those listed above then this is a good symbol for Spring, a good symbol for you!


 All you have to do is look outside to find the colours of Spring:

All Pastels, Yellow, green, pink, blue

.....Autumn Storm

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