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Psychic Shielding

Psychic Attack

The first question that pops into my mind is “what is a psychic attack”? The next question would have to be “where might that attack originate”?

My guess is that we all experience the energies of a psychic attack in our own unique ways. We might feel “off”, both physically and mentally/emotionally. We might have unsettling dreams. We may experience thoughts and feelings that are unusual for us – that have not concrete basis in our lives. We might lose things or have our day to day lives suddenly become off kilter. We may, for no apparent reason, become physically ill and find it hard to shake the illness off. We may “see” strange shadows and/or feel the presence of “something out there”. To borrow from Lemony Snicket, we may experience a series of unfortunate events.

To quote Christopher Penczak, “The Inner Temple of Witchcraft” (pg 168): A psychic or magical attack is the perception of an energy or entity that intends you harm on a physical or spiritual level.

I am not so sure that I am comfortable with the word “harm”, or maybe even with the words “Psychic Attack”. While there are some people who do, either consciously or unconsciously, send energies out with the intention to harm someone else, most people are engrossed in the dramas of their own lives and not spending any time planning how to hurt others.

Perhaps a psychic attack is more an awareness that there are, within our own energy bodies, energies that are not in accordance with our own personal beliefs, values and purpose. These foreign energies may feel heavy or dense and may create emotions in us that drain our physical energy. They are not valid in our current lives.

Personal experience tells me that these kinds of energy drains usually happen when I let people who are very low in their own personal energy latch on to mine. It can also happen if I allow myself to hook onto someone else’s emotional “stuff”.

While there are some unwanted energies that are not attached to a physical form (called “The Nasties” in ITOW and described as spiritual rat-like scavengers), most of what I have experienced have definitely had a human origin. Some was allowed to enter from other’s fields and some was from within my own field – when I allowed myself to pay attention to and “own” the little memes, the “thou shalts” and “thou shalt nots” that others have put on to me. Even if those memes were valid and healthy for me at one time, they became stagnant and unhealthy as I grew. If they are not healthy for me now, they do damage to my energy bodies if I let them muddy it.

We have the right and the power to remove those energies and to stop them from being a part of our personal fields.

Maybe it does not matter if the intent that created those unwanted energies was conscious or not because that is something that is external to us and beyond our control. What does matter is that we have allowed that energy into our own field because being aware of our personal energies and what we allow in – and what we send out - is very important.

It is especially important for us as we grow in our powers. We are aware of what we are doing, so we cannot, on any level, get away with sloppy energy control. Once we know better, it is our duty to do better.

Be responsible for your own energy!

So – how do we stay responsible for what comes into our own space, and what we send out of it?

First, we need to clear out as much unwanted energy as is ready to shift – being mindful of the fact that some of that energy may have originated within ourselves. We have the right to clear our space, but we do not want to create harm to ourselves while we are doing it.

Ground and Release

The first step is to ground ourselves and to release as much unwanted energy as is ready to shift.

Stand in a comfortable upright position, with your feet about hip distance apart and your knees soft. Allow your breath to become deep and even as you shift your weight from foot to foot, and from the side to side on each foot, until you come to a balanced resting place.

On an inhale, stretch your arms overhead, reach up as far as you can go. Then exhale and release. Bring your arms behind your back, clasping your hands. On an inhale, stretch them back as far as you can go, opening your heart space, and then exhale and release. Bringing your arms out in front of you, clasp your hands together as you inhale – and, on an exhale, stretch your arms out as far as they will go. And release. Feel the spaciousness around your heart space as you take a couple of deep breaths.

Inhale and bring your shoulders up as high as they will go…and exhale, and release. Gently bring your right ear down to your right shoulder…roll your head forward and let your chin rest on your sternum…then roll it to the left and bring your left ear to your left shoulder. Roll your head back to the centre and take a couple of releasing breaths and bring it back up.

Take two more deep breaths, inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, releasing any residual tension.

And come back to standing upright…bringing your torso up and out of your hips and your shoulders up, back and down

Bring your attention to your pelvis, bringing your hands gently to your hip bones. Imaging that pelvic bowl is a container of sacred water, gently rock it back and forth – being very careful to not let it spill. Eventually, you will come into a place of level balance.

Now bring your attention to your Muladhara Root Chakra – in a woman’s body, this space is between the back of the cervix and the anus. Feel that space and flex it gently, somewhat like the Kegel exercises. For our purposes, we will flex and tighten on the inhale and release on the exhale. It may help to imagine that we are inhaling and sucking in the energy of Mother Earth and then exhaling what is no longer needed back into Her body.

From this movement, gradually become aware of a grounding that will originate at this point and go down into the earth. This tube can look anyway that pleases you and can be as narrow as a straw or the size of your bottom. Just be aware that you will need to be able to control the energies that flow through that tube.

Get a clear picture of the tube running from your root chakra down into Mother Earth. Feel it connect to Her. Feel it holding you secure upon the Earth.

We will now begin to scan our bodies, checking for energy that may be ready to release. The top four chakras, from the heart to the crown, can sometimes release up and out, while the bottom three always release down and out. For this exercise, we will direct all seven chakras to release down and out.

Continuing with the steady breathing and flexing, gently scan your bodies –perhaps visualizing a little besom sweeping up any stale or unwanted energies and directing them down and out of your body. Be gentle and careful not to cause any harm to yourself. Just gently sweep out anything that it is time to release. Let go of anything that is ready to release. With each exhale, see it flowing through the tube and into Mother Earth.

When you are done, you may wish to come into a squat – placing your hands onto the Earth to ground and to thank Her for this service.

And when you are ready, keeping that grounding cord firmly attached to Mother Earth, come back into standing.

Filling With Light: Now that we have grounded and cleared out our bodies, we can fill those spaces with a strong, clear energy. Having strong, healthy energy in our bodies will help us to create and maintain strong, healthy boundaries and this will make it easier for us to not welcome in unhealthy energy.

Visualize a ball of white light floating above you. Focus on the energy of the ball – know that it is full of love and strength and peace. Feel those qualities in the energy of the ball.

Now let the energy from the ball of light begin to flow down into you. The energy is a beautiful clear white light. No matter how much light comes into you, the ball will remain stable and strong for its true origin is the Goddess and it is a source of boundless spiritual energy.

Let the energy from the ball pour into you and flow throughout your body. Let it move out into your arms and legs, down into your fingers and toes.

Now let that light expand beyond your body. At first see the light expand just an inch out from your body. Then let it expand a little more – two inches, four inches…Let the light expand to form an oval around your whole body – an oval filled with clear, beautiful, loving white light from the Goddess.

Let that oval of white light expand to form a perfect circle of energy around you – let it grow and grow until it may be six feet across.

You may wish to visualize a gentle waterfall rippling over it, continuously washing it with water that then is absorbed by the earth. This water will contain the unwanted energies that come in contact with your personal space throughout your day. It will wash those energies into the earth, where The Goddess can recycle them into new growth.

Within your personal space, you can affirm:

The Goddess is within me. The boundaries of my aura shall be strong and healthy, repelling all unwanted energy. My aura will remain open to positive and healing energy. Safe within these boundaries nothing can harm me, for I am filled with the strength of the Goddess. By my will, so mote it be!

Take a few deep breaths and let the visual image go – knowing that its protection and strength will always remain with you.

Take a few more breaths and feel yourself grounded – rooted through the energetic cord that connects you with Mother Earth.

©Selah AponiSage 2013