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What a joy finding your coven website, viewing your pics and reading about your activities. It is refreshing to know that people of your ilk still exist in our world!

Blessed be!
Best thoughts and wishes!

I am learning and have been getting more comfortable with the craft for a couple months now

Looks like it was a lot of fun. Sorry I missed it…but then I don’t own a black cape 😬

I found you while looking for a spring bulb spell. I will think of you as I plant several hundred bulbs. Blessings.

Hello. It’s truly an honor. I am of a heathen practice. Norse/ proto Germanic and on the mystical side of it. My deity is Hel.though most men would call me foolish for doing so. I practice saidr along with a couple other crafts.I am currently working with 4 volva a shaman & a fellow necromancer. My goal is to become “clergy “ a priest for my goddess. My studies & practices have already begun

Thank you for sharing your photos. I Absolutely loved the decorated eggs for Ostara! Beautiful. Also Thank you for sharing all the photos of your altars, As a Solitary witch, It is nice to see that others change up their altars as well. I bookmark Your web page I will Reference It on Much needed occasions.
As it once was, so shall it be again, blessed be And make Merry

My great grandmother came to America from the Black Forest with her brother. The only thing she could say in English was Bethel. Which is where she was taking the train to after they landed in Canada. She had to heal an infection in her arm with "old medicine" according the stories in the family before she would be let on the train. Our history is very hard to trace beyond her. Family rumor is papers were forged for her to get here and that they were nomads in the forest. I don't know my history, but I do now my heart has always been drawn to the old ways.

Thank You.
Blessed Be.

I absolutely am so glad I found your downloads on etsy! I have downloaded and made my own BOS from cherry-picking the pages I wanted the most! I love them all.

Blessings. I came across your page. I love what you're doing and have been doing for many years now! Your imagery and photos put me at ease and are very vivid and relaxing. So awesome to see you consistently uploading and updating the world with your Magick. Blessed Yule and for the time ahead. Blessed be. ❤ 🧹🪄🌛🌝🌜🔮⭐

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