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Invoking and Banishing Pentagrams






Every man and woman is a star :

We can juxtapose Man on a pentagram with head and four limbs at the points and the genitalia exactly central. This is Man in microcosm, symbolizing our place in the Macrocosm or universe and the Hermetic / Tantric philosophy of associativity as above, so below.

How are invoking and banishing Pentagrams used?  It's really quite simple, an invoking Pentagram is used whenever you wish to draw something to you.  A banishing Pentagram is used whenever you wish to send something away from you.  A perfect example of this is during the Calling of the Quarters or Elementals.  When you Cast your Circle you invite the Elementals or Quarters to join you by carving an invoking Pentagram.  An invoking Pentagram is drawn from the point opposite the Elemental point, drawing the line and the energy towards the Elemental point, and then out to the other points.   When it's time to open your Circle you release the Elementals or Quarters by carving a banishing Pentagram.  The banishing Pentagram is drawn from the Elemental point outwards to the other points.

Each Element has an invoking and banishing Pentagram and it's wise to use them correctly.  Using an invoking Earth Pentagram when calling upon the energies of the Elemental South for instance, is insulting will inhibit the flow of magick and power.

Why do we even bother carving such Pentagrams anyway?  The use of invoking and banishing Pentagrams is a magickal mudra (a mudra is a sacred hand movement) that indicates your magickal authority and knowledge.  Magick is not automatically granted to all who cast a spell, the "powers that be" (call them Elementals, Old Ones, Watchtowers or Guardians of the Astral Realms) watch over and  assess each "magick" before deciding to allow or dis-allow the magickal energy to flow towards the goal. 

Rowan Morgana