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Metaphysical Properties of Vancouver Island Shrubs



Magick: Use leaves for wealth, pick blackberries for protection when the Moon & Venus are conjunct in Aries

Sacred to: Brigit

Ritual: Lammas, bake blackberry pie to honor the death of the God at harvest

 Planet: Mars

Lore : Trees are believed to be witches who transformed into trees.



Magick: Increase Fertility, Wedding Rites, Fishing Luck, Leaves are sprinkled around the room or put under mattress for celibacy

Sacred to: Faeries

Masculine Energy

Element: Fire





 Magick: Protection against Evil, Protects your Property, Eat Blueberries when under Psychic Attack







Magick: Bravery, Steadfastness

Sacred to: Andromeda

Element: Fire






Magick: Legal Matters, Money, Protection







Magick: Protection

Ritual: Use sticks in protective charms









Magick: Protection, Wishes

Ritual: Use leaves and sticks in protective amulets




Magick: Bravery, Steadfastness, Protection against lightning, disease & crippling ailments. Divination. Serious Magick. Funeral Herb (burn or bury with deceased), Protection Herb, Elder Blossoms for incense, Use Elder Incense for Protection and Baby Blessing. Tonic to restore Health.
Use the Magick of Elder with Pure ethics & Clear Goals. Potent Magick, use carefully.

Sacred to: Mother Goddess. Feminine Energy
Element: Water
Planet: Venus
Lore: Goddess manifests through the Elder always make an offering before gathering.
Ritual: To see Dryads, fast and prepare yourself ritually, then at Full Moon spend the night in an Elder Grove.
Add blossoms to the Ritual Cup. Use as an asperging herb to sprinkle Moon Water.

Incense: Elder Blossoms for incense, Use Elder Incense for Protection and Baby Blessing.



Magick: Protection & Money

Sacred to: Jupiter & Thor

Masculine Energy

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Ritual: Makes a hedge that Faeries cannot penetrate



Magick: Luck, Fertility, Anti-Lightning, Protection, Wishes

Sacred to: Mercury, Thor, Artemis, Diana

Masculine Energy

Element: Air

Planet: Sun

Ritual: Make wands from branches for money & protection


HEATHER (Pink Mountain)


Magick: Longevity, An Amulet made of Heather Wood will ensure the Immortality of the Soul, Initiation, Beauty Glamour (beware beauty glamour asks a price to keep Karmic Balance), Bathing Herb for Purification,

Feminine Energy

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Ritual: Lammas Sabbat





Magick: Immortality, Cauldron of Cerridwin Mysteries,

Sacred to:  Cerridwin

Masculine Energy

Element: Earth

Planet: Mars

Ritual: Spring Sabbats, Wear as an oil to enter the Spirit World,

Incense: Grind dried wood and bark into Incense





Magick: Luck, Protection, Dream Magick, Use the Leaves for Hex Breaking & Eat Berries during Hex Breaking Magick

Feminine Energy

Element: Water

Planet: Venus







Magick: Protection, Exorcism, Health

Masculine Energy

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Ritual: Drink tea made from berries for good health.  Use berries in amulets for protection

Incense: Resin & Needles




Magick: Protection, Visions, Inspire Poetry, Love, Divination, Call Magick Spirits, Familiars, Spirit Guides, & Elementals. Banish Unwanted Energies.

Sacred to: Thor

Masculine Energy

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Ritual: Invoke the Goddess and ask for Her guidance, Make dowsing rods & Magick Wands

Incense: Add berries to incense



OCEANSPRAY (Foam Flowers, Ironwood)


Magick: Binding Together, Uncovering that which is hidden

Ritual: Wood is very hard, use as a digging stick by hardening in fire and polishing with horsetail.






Magick: Love, Protection

Feminine Energy

Planet: Venus

Ritual: Eat berries for love spells, hang branches at doorways to prevent newly dead from re-entering the home





Magick: Love, Nurturing energy,  Psychic Powers, Healing, Divination, Luck, Protection

Sacred to: Aphrodite.  Represents all aspects of the Goddess

Feminine Energy

Element: Water

Planet: Venus

Ritual: Anoint Heart Chakra with Rose Oil to Manifest Love

Spring – Yellow Rose

Beltane – All Colors

Litha – Red Rose

Autumn – White Rose

Incense: Add petals to incense

Gemstones: Keep or consecrate Emeralds with Rose petals.

Tarot: 7 Cups






Ritual: Form a tiny Faerie Drinking Cup by shaping a leaf into a cone.  Offer ripe berries to ancestors.








Magick: Purification, Protection, Wind, Divination, Weddings

Sacred to: Goddess Blodewwedd

Masculine Energy

Element: Air

Planet: Mars

Ritual: Make brooms for Temple purification,

Use as Holy Water Asperger

Tie branches with ribbons as a wedding decoration

Make a wedding broom for the couple to jump over

Tarot: 9’s


SNOWBERRIES (Ghost Berries)




Ritual: Samhain Offering as they are known as berries of the people of the Land of the Dead (First Nations lore)








Magick: Drink tea for lucid dreams & astral projection caution: dangerous to pregnant women.

Feminine Energy

Planet: Venus








Magick: Love, Love Divination, Protection, Healing


Sacred to: Artemis, Ceres, Hecate, Persephone, Hera, Mercury, Belili, Belinus

Feminine Energy

Element: Water

Planet: Moon

Incense: Grind together Willow bark and Sandalwood to conjure spirits

Make Magick Wands from Willow branches





Magick: Protection, Hex Breaking, Healing

Feminine Energy

Element: Water

Planet: Moon